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GBC LED Boards

GBC LED Boards




The boards are also now white, they blend into the motherboard


All in one board to add LEDs to your GBC! Colour will look slightly different in real life and brightness differs from colour to colour. The boards pull on average 30mA meaning they are a low power, easy to install solution to lighing up your buttons. I reccomend white conductive pads as the difuse the light well, but you can also use clear ones. Clear buttons can be purchased here White pads can be purchased here You can buy white conductive pads here The buttons used in this picture are clear pocket rocks fromYesterday's Tech. The purple lights are Ultra Violet. I'm not sure the long term effects of using UV lights, these will be limited.

LED Colours
  • Care Instructions

    Warning: Flex pcbs can be quite delicate so try to handle with care, as they can rip easily.