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DMG103 and failure

The DMG 103 is a lot harder then it looks. The DMG103, as far as I know, is the result of Hai's, the "Gameboy doctor", creativity. Hai is one of the bigger accounts in the Gameboy community and rightfully so. His builds are unique and have inspired hundreds - me included. I want to keep these little mind dump blogs short, no one cares I'm not a journalist, novelist or influencer. I don't want to be a recipe that has an 1000 word essay before hand how the chef's dead grandmother lost her arm to get the egg to put in the cake. I just want to point out how difficult things can be, how we fail, and how important it is to realise how many times I've failed, broken boards, broken screens etc. The DMG 103 is hard. It's time consuming. I get asked a lot when am I going to release the kit. I failed at my first attempt at making a kit. I deleted my Instagram followers and gave up. I've likely failed again with this current kit. But this time, I have to fight back against giving up again.

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