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My Story

Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm 25 years old from Melbourne, Australia.

For as long as I could remember, I have always pulled apart all my toys and electronics. I used to carry around screw drivers (or take them from my dad), screws or anything electronic. When I was younger, that electronic thing was my lime green Gameboy Color.

After always breaking my laptops, I made my first gaming PC on my own. After that, I jumped to the Raspberry Pi world (Retro Pie specifically) trying to make my own arcade cabinet out of some cheap pine. Next, I decided I finally needed to learn to solder after breaking almost every pair of headphones I would buy (y'know, when headphone jacks were a thing).

Learning to solder took me down the rabbit hole of Wermy's iconic Gameboy Zero. A Pi Zero in a DMG Shell. I ordered an all in one PCB from Helder, ripping up all the traces, determined to see how things worked.


That is the story with most of the things I make. I see something, and I won't stop until I figure out what's inside and how I can do the same thing. Teaching myself the entire process. Now I want to do the same, except sharing that with others.

Some personal stuff about me:

I am Italian Australian. I love football and follow the Italian team AC Milan. I have a cat I am obsessed with, named Marina after Marina & the Diamonds. I love Nintendo, Drag Queens and almost everything Japanese. I enjoy gaming on all devices. Currently, I play Apex Legends on PC.

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