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Installation Guide

1. Remove the original power LED​

Remove the original power LED on the GBC by heating the two through hole legs at the back of the board

2. Align the board to the buttons and cut outs.

Add tape where the original LED was to avoid shorts. 

The link cable pins and pin 1 and 32 of the cart may need to be trimmed to allow the board to sit flat. This will not effect gameplay at all.

3. Solder 5V and GND pad to the board.

Add solder to the pads. Make sure the are lined up with the pins on the board

3a. Alternate control pinout using vias

If you are using screen kit which requires connection to the buttons, alternate pinouts can be seen below

4. Reassemble the GBC

When reassembling, make sure that the power LED aligns with the shell cut out for the LED (next to the screen)

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